Spotting lens defects

The eMap from Eyoto is a tool for the optical lab and the retailer

Eyoto eMap1

Aston EyeTech’s ophthalmic instruments brand, Eyoto, will launch the eMap at Vision Expo East in New York today (15–18 March, Javits Centre).

The new technology incorporates power mapping and lens surface inspection, as well as full refractive index and coating checks.

The company said that eMap can spot a lens defect through every stage in production and incorporates data collection, storage and cloud portal access.

CEO of Aston EyeTech, Carl D Francis, said that the eMap puts a powerful toolset in the hands of both the optical lab and the retailer. 

“This is a fast, one button system that checks lens design, corridor width and height, reading zone fit, frame suitability, lens surface damage, manufacturing defects, and more,” he explained. 

“In addition, it is a powerful and very visual consultative selling tool for the retailer. It all leads to dramatically improved margins and customer satisfaction,” Mr Francis said. 

The retail version of the technology is binocular, measuring both lenses in a pair of spectacles simultaneously.

For further information, visit the Eyoto website.