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Bespoke modifications

Spec-Care’s 3D service sets new standard for repairs and modifications, the company explains

25 Jan 2018 by Andrew McClean

Repair specialists Spec-Care will launch a new 3D design and printing service at 100% Optical (27–29 January).

The service is designed to help with fitting, repairing and modifying frames, as well as achieve a new standard in bespoke modifications, the company explained.

Manager and dispensing optician at Spec-Care, Rob Barrow, said: “We can now look beyond the standards set before and use creative thinking to enhance practice and dispensing services.”

Spec-Care highlighted how it has adapted its production approach for Bristol-based optometrists, Simon Goldsmith Opticians. The company previously hand cut side shields for specialist shooting spectacles ordered by Simon Goldsmith, but with the new 3D service, Spec-Care has been able to carry custom features.

“I can now be assured that all repeat orders are identical and maintain a consistent standard above that achieved by hand,” Mr Goldsmith said.

The 3D software allows the company’s technicians to make micro adjustments to design, density and dimension. Completed designs can be archived for future replication or adjustment as well.

Mr Barrow added: “All traditional forms of adapting frames require us to have the frame, instructions and materials to hand. We really love pushing the limits of traditional skills and we continue to find new ways of meeting our customer’s needs. However, it is possible with 3D technology to conclude all work by email and have our finished designs used anywhere in the world.”


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