High definition

Equipment supplier Grafton Optical is set to launch two new products to the UK market

Grafton eye test

Grafton Optical will launch the Nexy retinal imaging system and SBM Sistemi ocular surface analyser (OSA) at 100% Optical (27–29 January).

Nexy is an automated non-mydriatic retinal camera that offers high definition images of the ocular fundus with a 45-degree angle of view.

Grafton Optical explained that the device’s optical filters can even obtain high definition images on patients with opacities or small pupils.

The device can capture images in less than 15 seconds and does not require human intervention for mechanical operations.

The new OSA device integrates meibography examination and tear film interferometry screening for a full assessment of the ocular service.

Its system analysis of images obtained through the sensitive infrared camera allows guided evaluation of the presence and distribution of the Meibomian glands in the upper and lower eyelids.

The SBM Sistemi allows the user to identify the patient’s type of dry eye disease and determine which deficient layers (lipid, aqueous or mucin) should be treated.