Dry eye feels the heat

Eyepeace Plus uses heat and massage to tackle the painful symptoms of dry eye by unblocking the glands

Eyepeace Plus eye mask

A team of consultant ophthalmologists have developed Eyepeace Plus, an eye mask which they describe as a simple, safe, hygienic and cost effective way to manage dry eyes.

Acting as a “personal eyelid massager and a warming eye mask,” patients are directed to warm the eye mask in warm water, place on closed eyelids for a few minutes, then massage the eyelids using the Eyepeace for five to 10 squeezes on each closed eye.

Manufactured in the UK, Eyepeace massages the meibomian glands in the eyelids in a vertical motion, resulting in the treatment and prevention of meibomian gland disease (MGD), dry eye disease and posterior blepharitis.

Speaking to OT, consultant ophthalmologist, Professor Jonathan Moore, said: “Meibomian gland disease is a chronic condition which requires daily therapy and management. Eyepeace was created in response to an obvious patient need and enables sufferers to avoid the painful symptoms of dry eye by unblocking the glands. The device helps optometrists to train patients to correctly massage the glands effectively and therefore lead to better compliance.”

The makers of Eyepeace highlight that heat, using a warming eye mask, “helps lubricate the oils in the eyelid glands, and massage helps express the oils onto the eyes, thus keeping the surface of the eyes moist and healthy.” 

They add that “most treatment is homemade – using a warm facecloth and eyelid massage using fingers – which is not ideal as most people do not conduct the correct vertical massage technique.”

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