“Natural, fresh and stable” dry eye solution

Eyenutrients capsules combine omega-3 and 7 to nourish and protect eyes

09 Jun 2017 by John White

UK company Eyenutrients has launched Dry Omega, which are capsules designed for dry eye sufferers.

Eyenutrients’ consultant ophthalmologists have collaborated with omega fatty acid scientists to develop the capsules, offering a new blend of omega-3 and 7.

Highlighting that dry eye disease is a multifactorial condition that can damage the surface of the eye, the makers note that the capsules include omega-3, which “are strong anti-inflammatories that help promote cell membrane growth on the ocular surface.”

Chief optometrist at Cathedral Eye Clinic, Andrew Spence, said: “Eyenutrients’ Dry Omega helps nourish, bathe, protect and lubricate the mucous membranes of the eyes, keeping them moist.” 

The capsules also contain omega-7, which the company notes can help maintain healthy mucous membranes, retaining moisture on the surface of the eye.

Eyenutrients explained to OT  that “fish only begins to smell ‘fishy’ when it is not fresh. It’s the same for omega-3 fish oil. Most omega-3 products smell fishy because they have already started to oxidise. Dry Omega is natural, fresh and stable.”

Dry Omega capsules are made from fish gelatin, not bovine, like most omega-3 products. Dry Omega is also available as a liquid. 

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