Supporting those in need

Louis Stone continues to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas through its latest donation

Louis Stone donates equipment to support the work of Vision Aid Overseas

Optical company Louis Stone has donated more than 10,000 pieces of equipment, including frames, screws, pads, budgie sticks and PD rulers to Vision Aid Overseas (VAO). 

The kit will support the charity’s work in developing countries where is aims to provide eye care to those in need, as well as train people locally. 

Louis Stone has supported VAO for a number of years via donations like this, as well as by acknowledging requests from practitioners taking part in specific VAO project missions. 

Commenting on the donation, financial director at Louis Stone, Judith Gaba, told OT: “We take our eye care for granted living in the UK and don’t realise that in many countries, eye care is actually scarce and could even be considered a luxury. Certain eye conditions could be treated easily, but due to the situation, they persist. By donating equipment, Louis Stone feels that we are making a small difference to alleviate a very serious problem and have total respect for all volunteers who give up their time for this worthy cause.”