Displaying success for Altacor

New counter unit is helping practitioners showcase Clinitas dry eye products and educate patients with information leaflets

Altacor Clinitas Counter Display Unit

Altacor has been enjoying success following the launch of its Clinitas Counter Display Unit in April. The new unit is said by the company to offer great profit margins for practices on the Clinitas range and is seen as an ideal way to promote dry eye products to patients at the point of purchase.

The new display unit also features a holder at the back containing patient literature about how the range targets the causes of dry eye and provides relief from its symptoms.

The new counter display unit contains six boxes each of Clinitas Soothe Unit Dose (20 x 0.5ml), Clinitas Soothe Multi (10ml) and Clinitas Hydrate (10g tube), as well as sample wallets of Clinitas Soothe.

Clinitas Soothe and Clinitas Soothe Multi contain preservative free, 0.4% sodium hyaluronate, the highest strength available in the UK. Clinitas Soothe comes in a pack of 20-unit dose vials, which are convenient and easy to carry. Each vial is resealable and lasts up to 12 hours once opened.

Clinitas Soothe Multi was launched last year in a multi-dose 10ml bottle, which provides up to 250 drops and can be used for up to three months once opened.

Clinitas Hydrate is a gel that increases the tear volume to lubricate and comfort the eye for up to six hours, making it suitable for overnight use and on waking.

Altacor’s director of sales and marketing, Chris Miller, said: “The Clinitas Counter Display Unit provides opticians with a great way of showcasing the whole Clinitas range. It provides choice of presentation of product and gives practitioners a further discount and better margin, whilst providing patients leaflets and education on dry eye.”

Optometrist Stuart Humfrey, of Williams Optometrists, Essex, said: “Patients seem to do very well with this drop. I particularly like the 10ml bottle as it ticks many boxes –suitable for contact lens wearers, preservative free, good for 90 days after opening and easy to dispense a dose.”

He added: “It’s interesting how we seem to have so many more dry eye patients these days, so having a convenient, good product such as Clinitas Soothe has been very helpful.”

For more information, visit the Altacor website.