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Size matters for Essilor

Optometry equipment launched that has been designed with limited testing room space in mind

Essilor SL550L

Essilor has recently launched a number of instruments, including its latest, ‘SL550L’ digital slit lamp.

The company believes it “is the ideal solution for a complete and thorough eye examination,” offering a wide field of view and qualitative images.

When combined with the ‘DS550’ and ‘Anaeyes’ software, it has the additional ability to capture images and video sequences.

A light-tilting feature, combined with numerous slit adjustments and filter options, provides flexibility in viewing different structures of the eye.

An integrated yellow filter and background illumination are said to provide optimal examination conditions. The company highlights that with no heat emission, it offers a very comfortable examination for the patient.

Essilor’s latest ‘APH550’ automatic phoroptor offers speed and comfort for all types of tests, with comprehensive visual assessment both in far and near vision.

The ‘APH550’ has a light and compact design. With its intuitive keyboard and interconnection options, it is said to be the ideal tool for a smoother workflow. Patient experience is enhanced through quiet phoroptor operations and a smooth, high speed rotation.

Finally, the new ‘OST100’ refraction unit has been designed for those practices that have limited space in the testing room.

Essilor’s head of instruments, Paul Cumber, told OT: “These products are only a small part of Essilor’s extensive range of optometry equipment and can be purchased outright, or through our unique and very popular lens refund scheme.”

For more information, telephone 0145 442 3457, or visit the Essilor website.