Get kitted up for blepharitis

‘Complete solution’ launched by Altacor to encourage patients to adopt a regular eyelid hygiene routine

20 May 2016 by Robina Moss

Altacor BlephaKitAltacor has launched a ‘complete solution’ kit for the relief of blepharitis. The new BlephaKit now available contains five complimentary vials of Clinitas Soothe for dry eye.

The BlephaKit is offered in a convenient, water-resistant and portable case and is designed to offer savings for patients, rather than them buying the contents separately.

The kit is designed to make it easier for patients to follow the recommended daily care routine of warming, massaging and cleansing for the condition.

The bag contains BlephaMask, a microwaveable eye mask containing odourless grape seeds that features a temperature test strip and lasts for up to 300 uses. It also includes BlephaCura, a cleansing lotion. There are also BlephCura pads in the kit for soothing and cleansing the eyelid margins.

Altacor’s director of sales and marketing, Chris Miller, told OT: “Use of the BlephaKit encourages patients to adopt a regular eyelid hygiene routine that can help prevent flare-ups of blepharitis, therefore minimising the risk of permanent ocular damage.”

The kit includes a patient information leaflet providing advice about heat treatment, eyelid massage and cleansing, and now also contains patient literature on dry eye to complement the use of the Clinitas Soothe samples provided.

For more information, visit the Altacor website.


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