TV's Dr Hilary Jones recommends The Eye Doctor heat mask

Family-run Yorkshire company celebrates its association with well-known medical broadcaster

the eye doctor hot eye compress
The Eye Doctor is an eyelid heat mask filled with a patent-pending technology to relieve the painful symptoms of eye conditions, including blepharitis, chalazion and dry eye disease.

The family-run Yorkshire company behind the product, The Body Doctor Ltd, is proud to announce its association with highly respected television and radio broadcaster, Dr Hilary Jones, who recommends the eye mask.

The family GP is currently the health editor on Good Morning Britain and patron of, or ambassador to, a number of charities including The Stroke Association, Diabetes UK, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and the British Heart Foundation.

Dr Jones said: “The Eye Doctor is a simple and effective, reusable solution in treating a wide range of eye conditions.”

It was designed and developed by award-winning businesswoman, Sue Grant, alongside many other innovative products such as the Eye Mask and the Ice Doctor.

The Eye Doctor is filled with BodyBeads, a technology which is non-toxic and non-flammable, and can be safely heated in the microwave and the oven.

With a hygienic, washable cover made from quality materials, which are designed to reduce abrasion, the product is said to be cost effective and pleasant to reuse. The mask also features an adjustable strap and a pouch for safe, clean and dry storage. 

The Eye Doctor is a registered class 1 medical device with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

For more information, visit The Body Doctor website or email its sales team.