Altacor launches new look EyeBar

Chocolate eye health supplement given a more modern look but keeps AREDS2 recommended formulation

15 Sep 2015 by Robina Moss

EyeBar from Altacor has been given a facelift, however the modernised look and size still offers patients a unique and now more enjoyable way to take ocular nutrients, according to the company.  

The EyeBar has the original and trusted formulation recommended in the second Age Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS).

The supplement is offered in individually wrapped dark chocolate bars, which contain all the essential vitamins and minerals to help contribute to all-round eye health. 

It offers patients an alternative to tablets, which some people, particularly the elderly, can find difficult to swallow and digest.

The bar is made from quality chocolate, and is fortified with vitamins C and E, zinc and copper, with the addition of lutein and zeaxanthin validated in the original AREDS and AREDS2 studies. 

The AREDS2 study highlights that a specific formulation of nutrients can reduce the risk of progression of advanced age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by up to 26%, compared to a control group whose dietary intake of lutein and zeaxanthin was low.

Each box of EyeBar contains 30 chocolate bars, with one or two bars recommended every day to help maintain healthy vision. 

Patient literature and product samples are available on request. For more information, telephone 01223 421411 or visit the Altacor website.


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