Positive response to DNEye Scanner

Rodenstock device ‘provides more opportunities for differentiation’

15 Jul 2015 by Robina Moss

Rodenstock UK has reported positive feedback following the launch of its DNEye Scanner.

Rodenstock UK’s lens product manager, Debbie Bathgate, explained that the new device enables independent practitioners to carry out eye measurements “with an unprecedented degree of precision and provides more opportunities for differentiation in the market.”

Ms Bathgate told OT: “In addition to corneal topography and autorefractometer functions, the DNEye Scanner registers lower and higher order aberrations of the eye for both near and far vision, in addition to the brightness-dependent changes of the pupils.

“These measurements, accurate to 1/100 dioptre, contain vital additional information about the customer’s visual system and Rodenstock then uses these parameters to calculate the ideal lens at every visual point and for every light condition.”

Feedback from lens wearers has been very positive, according to Philip Sherlock, dispensing optician and practice manager at GR Hardwick Optometrist in Cleveleys, Lancashire.

Mr Sherlock said: “Our patients are noticing improved clarity and contrast, particularly for night driving. Rodenstock also supported us with a comprehensive DNEye marketing plan, which has brought us new customers, who have subsequently been delighted with their new DNEye  lenses.’’

For more information, call 0147 432 5555.


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