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Positive Impact named as the exclusive distributor of an antimicrobial handwash and sanitiser called ‘EcoHydra’

18 May 2015 by Robina Moss

Positive Impact (PI) has announced that is the exclusive optical distributor for a new range of antimicrobial handwash and hand sanitiser called ‘EcoHydra.’ 

The ‘EcoHydra Antimicrobial Handwash’ is said by PI to be ideal for use in the consulting room as it is a more effective alternative to liquid soap. It is compliant with international hand hygiene protocols, the 2013 EU Biocidal Products regulations and has been approved by the NHS for use in hospitals.

The key active ingredient of the handwash is 0.1% benzalkonium chloride which ‘kills up to 99.9999%,’ of the most commonly occurring bacteria and norovirus within 15–30 seconds, according to the manufacturer, EcoHydra Technologies. It also remains active and effective against microorganisms for four hours after drying.

The ‘EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser’ does not require water and offers a high level of practicality, as well as protection. It can be used repeatedly throughout the day with no damaging effects to the skin's integrity or pH level. It uses an alcohol free ‘BASE Technology’ formula, which is named after its ingredients benzalkonium chloride, aloe vera, surfactants and emollients.

The ‘EcoHydra Instant Hand Sanitiser’ is said to quickly air dry, leaving no trace liquid or sticky skin, and remains actively germ-killing.

Joint managing director of PI, Nick Atkins, said: “We are delighted to be bringing an new superior level of hand hygiene to optometric practice. It is my experience that the products used in most consulting rooms are usually bought from local retailers and are designed for domestic use rather than for use in a clinical setting.

“Hand hygiene improvements, such as routinely using EcoHydra, are the simplest and most effective way to prevent cross-infection in practice.” 

Fellow managing director, Maxine Green, said: “EcoHydra provides an opportunity to significantly improve the standard of cleanliness among the practice team, both in the consulting room and in retail areas without running water.”

Ms Green added: “Additionally it presents independents with a new business opportunity selling EcoHydra to patients. The small sized EcoHydra sanitisers are ideal for contact lens wearers to use away from home and could easily be incorporated into the patients’ contact lens supplies and added to their direct debit.” 

For in-practice use both ‘EcoHydra Handwash’ and ‘EcoHydra Sanitiser’ are offered in 500ml tabletop bottles, or in 800ml pouches for use within a wall dispenser. The hand sanitiser is also available in retail sizes of 50ml, 100ml and 210ml. 

For more information, call 08446 696 907 or email the Positive Impact sales team.


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