OCL Vision in UK-first for Vivinex Impress IOL

The independent eye surgery provider partnered with UK distributor Spectrum Ophthalmics

Ali Mearza stands on the left in navy blue scrubs, he is smiling laughingly and shaking the hand of David Killingrey, who wears a smart shirt and chinos and smiles at the camera

The independent eye surgery provider, OCL Vision, has become the first in the UK to provide a new lens implant, the Vivinex Impress Intraocular lens (IOL).

Distributors of Vivinex Impress, Spectrum Ophthalmics partnered with OCL Vision on the launch.

The lens, by Hoya Surgical Optics, is described as an enhanced monofocal IOL best suited for individuals having cataract surgery.

The Vivinex Impress provides a fixed point of in-focus vision, but also helps to improve intermediate vision, the company said.

The lens can be an option for patients who are not candidates for multifocal lenses, such as those with retinal issues or dry eye.

The preloaded injector system provides a smooth delivery of the IOL through a 2.2mm incision in the cornea without the need to enlarge the wound prior to implantation, the provider added.

Mr Ali Mearza, consultant ophthalmic surgeon and co-founder of OCL Vision, said: “We would like to see this type of technology being adopted widely by ophthalmologists. Getting insurance companies on board will be a big next step, as currently, they only fund standard monofocal lenses for those patients having cataract surgery.”

Currently the lenses, as well as multifocal, extended range, and astigmatic correcting lenes, fall into a premium category, requiring additional payment from patients, he explained.

Mearza added: “It would be good to see these enhanced monofocals offered as standard in the future, as they are a real step up with very limited downside.

“Furthermore, it would be good to see this technology offered as standard in the NHS replacing or at least offered alongside the current monofocal lens offering – this will have cost implications but does improve quality of life for patients.”

CEO of Spectrum Ophthalmics, David Killengray, became the first patient in the UK to receive the IOL.

Killengray had cataracts and was ineligible for multifocal lenses and said of the surgery: “It was a pleasure to be the first patient in the UK to trial this new treatment.”

“Cataracts are debilitating, as they affect arguably our most precious sense. When considering lens replacement options, it’s important to have options and be able to go for the best available technology,” he said.

He described how the Vivinex Impress lens had improved his distance vision, and also provided functional intermediate reading vision.

“The surgery has been life changing for me and a testament to the power of the Vivinex Impress IOL,” he said.

Discussing the UK launch of the IOL lenses from Hoya with OCL Vision, Killengray shared: “We look forward to seeing wider adoption of Vivinex Impress by other surgeons. We’re excited to see the impact that they have on patients undergoing vision correction and cataract surgeries.”