Menicon makes professional services appointments

Henrik Bo Larsen joins as European professional services manager, and Josie Barlow has been made head of professional services for Menicon’s Made To Order/Myopia Management Division

Henrik Bo Larsen

Menicon has made a series of appointments in its professional services team.

Henrik Bo Larsen joined Menicon in December as the company’s new European professional services manager, while Josie Barlow, who has been Menicon’s professional services manager since 2016, has now been made head of professional services for Made To Order (MTO)/Myopia Management Division.

A qualified optometrist and with “extensive experience” in the contact lens industry, Larsen will work to support the ties between Menicon and eye care professionals (ECPs), as well as aiming to see the company more broadly established in the UK market.

He will work with Menicon’s marketing division to increase communication of the product range within the industry, and to the wider public.

Josie Barlow
Speaking on his appointment, Larsen said: “I’m looking forward to supporting ECPs in every way possible in their efforts to introduce more of their patients to lenses. Menicon has great potential to attract those who have yet to try contact lenses for the first time, as well as those who have rejected them in the past.”

“How we interact with ECPs can have a resounding effect on consumers as well, and there remains a huge untapped market of people who have yet to experience the benefits of lenses and enjoy the positive impact that they can have on both their sight and their lives,” he continued. “We have exceptional products and our goal now is about conveying clear messages to ECPs and consumers.”

In the meantime, Josie Barlow has been promoted to head of professional services in Menicon’s MTO/Myopia Management division.

Also a qualified contact lens optician, Barlow said of her new appointment: “This new role will increase my responsibility to deliver high quality education, training and support to all our UK practitioners.”