Menicon introduces oblate option to Rose K2 XL lenses

The oblate version expands Menicon’s range of lenses for irregular corneas

contact lens close to eye
Pexels/Nataliya Vaitkevich

Menicon has introduced a new oblate version of its Rose K2 XL lenses for irregular corneas.

The company suggests the new option will give better sight and comfort to patients following grafts, photorefractive keratectomy, or laser surgery (LASIK) interventions.

The lens can also be used for any oblate corneas that cannot be fitted within the limbus, Menicon shared, including extremely flat corneas, when the tear layer thickness is excessively deep over the central cornea.

Designed for daily wear, the lens mimics the shape of the oblate cornea.

Featuring an aspheric back optic zone, front surface aberration control, precise edge lift control and significant reverse geometry in all base curves which increases as the base curve flattens, the design helps the lens fit the patient’s eye more accurately, Menicon said.

The lens has a wide parameter range and customisation is enabled with options for toric peripheries, Asymmetric Corneal Technology, front, back and bi-toric designs, quadrant specific edge lifts and bifocal optics.

Menicon suggested that, as a corneo-scleral design, the lens provides less conjunctival pressure with increased tear exchange.

Kevin Mitchell, managing director of Menicon UK, said: “By adding this new option to the Rose K2 XL lens, we are allowing an even greater number of patients with irregular corneas to enjoy the benefits of a precision lens that’s comfortable enough to be worn every day.”

The new lens option follows the same fitting process of all Rose K2 designs: central fit, peripheral fit, overall diameter, location, and lens movement.