Scotlens and Avizor launch new ortho-K experience

‘Nocturnal by Scotlens’ aims to grow awareness and sales of ortho-K lenses through a “premium” and “on-trend” packaging experience

Scotlens nocturnal

Specialist contact lens company, Scotlens, has collaborated with Avizor to launch a new ‘unboxing experience’ for ortho-K night lenses, aiming to get the public talking about the option.

Scotlens suggested that, though the ortho-K market is “set to boom” and the appeal of the lens is compelling, awareness and marketing of the option “has been lacking,” and fallen behind that of innovations such as laser surgery or the successful positioning of spectacles as fashionable items.

Aiming to increase awareness and sales within the ortho-K space, ‘Nocturnal by Scotlens’ offers an “on-trend” and “premium” product unboxing experience.

Tom Griffiths, managing director for Scotlens, explained: “Ortho-K night lenses are arguably the most exciting thing to happen in eye care over the past few years, but there is a massive chasm between the life-changing customer experience and the industry delivery of that experience.”

Griffiths, an entrepreneur and disruptive marketer who has recently joined the optical sector, shared that when his short-sighted teenage son began using night lenses and experienced clear vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses during the day, “it blew everyone’s minds.”

“We’re going to bottle that moment for our eye care professionals to deliver direct to their patients to enable a mass social share to help them drive night lens awareness and new sales,” he commented.

Suggesting that the product delivery can help to generate “an exciting buzz and new customers,” he likened the approach to “when people saw an iPod for the first time and had their minds blown enough to want one.”

Steering away from the specialist medical terminology, Scotlens will refer to the ortho-K product as a ‘night lens.’

The company anticipates that the ortho-K night lenses market is set to grow, with myopia rising towards 50% of the global population by 2050 and a suggested increase in myopia progression in under-12s following COVID-19 lockdowns.

This is on top of “a hunger for products that change our lives and improve our lifestyles – particularly for the Instagram-influenced generation,” the company observed.

Discussing the partnership, Gary Daniels, general manager in the UK and Ireland for Avizor, suggested ‘Nocturnal by Scotlens’ “ticks all the boxes of a premium, game-changing product.”

He continued: “’Nocturnal by Scotlens’ isn’t just about the box, there’s an incredible clinical and commercial support ecosphere behind it which I think the ECPs are going to love.”