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CooperVision acquires No7 Contact Lenses

The agreement will enable CooperVision to establish a direct to ECP operation for specialty lenses in the UK, with No7 Contact Lenses to operate within the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare group

CooperVision and No7

CooperVision has acquired No7 Contact Lenses, with plans to bring the company within the CooperVision Specialty EyeCare group, operating as a separate, complimentary business as part of the group.

Revealing the motivation behind the merger, CooperVision told OT: “No7 is highly respected for its heritage of advancing specialty contact lenses in the UK, including strong professional support and a prominent presence in hospitals.”

“The company has been a partner with CooperVision Specialty EyeCare for many years through our Procornea and Soflex businesses,” CooperVision shared, adding: “The acquisition allows CooperVision to establish a direct-to-ECP operation for specialty lenses in the UK.”

The company suggests the acquisition will also expand access to contact lens designs and support the development of myopia management solutions.

The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Under the new agreement, No7 Contact Lenses will operate as part of CooperVision’s Specialty EyeCare group. CooperVision suggests this will complement the group’s portfolio of products, including soft custom and rigid gas permeable contact lens designs for myopia management, irregular cornea management, and presbyopia management.

On the acquisition, Juan Carlos Aragón, president of CooperVision Specialty EyeCare, explained: “No7 Contact Lenses has been our partner for several years in the UK while expanding its business. The acquisition will enable us to directly offer more of our products through No7’s well-established channels, while expanding access to their designs.”

The agreement is also expected to further accelerate the development of myopia management solutions in the UK. CooperVision told OT the companies would be aligning their activities so that eye care practitioners have access to the lens options of both parties, providing more choice to meet patient needs.

CooperVision said it intends to retain the No7 name, adding CooperVision Specialty EyeCare branding for the foreseeable future.

“Product brands will remain intact for the time being, then evolve to reflect Specialty EyeCare brand families,” the company said. It confirmed that there are no changes to No7’s current offerings at this point, adding that, by joining the specialty group, it expects the brand’s products and services portfolio will keep growing.

Commenting on the announcement, Ashley Pepper, managing director of No7 Contact Lenses, shared: “Today’s news will help us have an even greater impact on the eye care professionals who prescribe our contact lenses, and the adults and children whose vision and lives are made better because of them.”

Pepper and Ian Goble, sales and marketing director for No7, will continue to assist the business in consultancy positions during the transition period.

Under the acquisition, Stuart Cockerill, CooperVision’s head of global commercial operations, Specialty EyeCare, will manage day-to-day operations of the business, which will remain in Hastings. CooperVision confirmed it plans to retain members of the No7 team, “assuring continued great service and support.”

The companies have said No7 Contact Lenses customers should continue to work with their current representatives, and follow the established ordering and support processes.

Pictured: (L-R) No7 sales and marketing director Ian Goble; Rita Hodd, director at No7; CooperVision’s head of commercial operations Specialty EyeCare, Stuart Cockerill; and No7 managing director, Ashley Pepper.