Helping patients through the process

President of Alcon Vision Care Global, Andy Pawson, speaks to OT  about contact lens wear dropout

Andy Pawson

Contact lens dropout is a huge opportunity that “imminently” needs addressing, according to the president of Alcon Vision Care Global, Andy Pawson.

Speaking to OT, Mr Pawson said that Alcon and eye care practitioners can work together to meet patient needs by engaging with two key customer groups: middle-aged and entry-level contact lens wearers.

“One area is dropout among the middle-aged consumer, who is starting to succumb or appreciate the impact of presbyopia. But there is an entry-level dropout early in the process, where more than a third of consumers can drop out of contact lens usage in the first year of usage,” he emphasised.

He added that Alcon is looking to develop technology and tools that are patient-friendly to help them through the process of contact lens care.

Andy Pawson discusses Alcon’s plans for the next 12 months

Image credit: Laurence Derbyshire