“People seem to love talking about their multifocal contact lens experience”

Boots Opticians optometrist, Peter Rosolemos (pictured), tells OT  that using Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Acuvue Fitting Calculator saves time and engages patients

Peter Rosolemos

When do you use the Acuvue Fitting Calculator in practice?

I use the multifocal calculator during every initial contact lens fitting appointment with patients. If clinic times permit, I will also use it to demonstrate to my sight test patients their eligibility for multifocal contact lenses in order to initiate that first fit. I prefer to use the calculator to determine the initial lenses as it saves me time.

What are the steps you take when using it?

I check the best vision sphere, sensory dominance and the add power. I then input these details into the calculator. The calculator is so straightforward to use. Demonstrating to patients how I input the information for it to calculate the initial trial lens powers sparks interest in the whole process and instils an element of trust.

How has the tool helped you when fitting multifocal contact lenses?

The thing I like most about it is how quick and simple it is to use. The fact that it also shows the enhancement powers for distance and near vision allows me to record this should I need to make any changes.

What feedback have you received from patients since you started using the tool?

The calculator helps to ensure that I select the correct initial trial lenses each time and with that, I’d say my success rate has definitely improved.

Patient feedback has been positive right from the initial use of the calculator at the first fitting appointment, where they feel more involved with the process than they would have without it. The use of the calculator also gives patients an idea of the wide scope of prescriptions that can be covered with multifocal contact lenses. This leaves them knowing that as their prescriptions change, there is most likely a tweak that can be made to their prescription to ensure they can continue with clear vision.

Do you believe that there is an increased demand among patients for multifocal contact lenses, and, if so, why?

News spreads fast as people seem to love talking about their multifocal contact lens experience. There is generally a lot more demand and once you explain the options that are available, patients are keen to explore multifocal contact lenses as an alternative option for when they find their varifocals or readers an inconvenience.