How Johnson & Johnson is making vision possible everywhere

Kate Stockwell, head of marketing for vision care at Johnson & Johnson, explains the company’s commitment to creating a world where vision is made possible for everyone

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Sight is considered our most precious sense, enabling us to learn, grow, form connections, and to experience more treasured moments.

Today, more than two billion people around the world suffer from visual impairment – a number expected to double by 2030.1 One billion of these instances could have been prevented or are yet to be addressed.1

At Johnson & Johnson, we want to create a world where everyone can experience optimal sight throughout their life. Through our expertise in innovative medicine, we are uniquely positioned to innovate across the full spectrum of healthcare solutions. We are evolving the scale and impact we can make across a patient’s lifetime to pave the way for a new future of vision. We believe we have the opportunity and responsibility to fight for awareness, advocacy, and access to top eye care across the world.

We believe in Vision Made Possible.

Powered by Johnson & Johnson, the world’s largest and most diversified healthcare products company, we are maximising the scale and impact we make across a patient’s lifelong vision journey. We have a proud legacy in eye health, pushing the boundaries of what's possible and widely transforming how eyes are corrected and cared for, from contact lenses to cataract surgery.

We are a leader in the field, utilising cutting-edge innovation and science-led solutions. For more than 30 years, we have earned the trust of eye care professionals and patients through meticulous attention to eye health, innovation, uncompromising quality, safety, and performance. As we look ahead to the next 30 years, we want to keep breaking new ground.

Our mission is to help every human see their world clearly. We have transformed our organisation so we can continue to pioneer the future of vision, taking cutting-edge innovation and science-led solutions to make dependable outcomes possible for our customers and patients. Our incredible talent around the world is dedicated to innovating the next generation of products and services through sustainable manufacturing and leading technology to make a world of wonder visible for all.

Our mission is to help every human see their world clearly

Kate Stockwell, head of marketing for vision care at Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we are building on our proud legacy of firsts, harnessing our pioneering spirit, our diverse talent, and our proven success in pushing the boundaries of science and technology. We are reimagining the scale and impact we can make across a patient’s life, but we can’t do it alone.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and we are working with others to advocate, educate and expand global access to care.

Very few things are as important as the ability to see life and the world around us, which is why it’s our goal to reimagine and deliver the most all-encompassing eye care solutions to meet a patient’s unique needs. Together, we are making vision possible for people in every stage of life, in every corner of the world.

Vision Made Possible.

To learn more about Johnson & Johnson and Vision Made Possible, please visit our website.

ACUVUE® contact lenses are indicated for vision correction. For detailed product description and safety information, please consult the Instructions for use on the Johnson & Johnson website.


  1. World Health Organization: Increasing eye care interventions to address vision impairment. Last accessed: January 2024.


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