No7 to host hand-painted contact lens workshop at HOAC

Attendees at the event this weekend will explore the benefits of prosthetic lenses

Hand-painted contact lenses

No7 Contact Lenses will give attendees at the Hospital Optometrists’ Annual Conference the opportunity to gets hands-on in painting prosthetic lenses.

At the event, which takes place in Stratford upon Avon on 20–21 October, attendees will be able to explore the benefits that prosthetic lenses bring to patients with traumatic, congenital or disease affected eye disfigurement.

Professional services manager at No7, Ian Sexton, said: “We are keen to show the enormous skill of our technicians and to reinforce the fact that we are a one stop shop for prosthetics – with or without corrective powers.”

The workshop, which takes place on Saturday at 2:30pm, will allow attendees to have a go at hand-painting with a single hair brush, as well as find out how to take the best matching pictures of their smartphone and matching the other eye with reflex colours layering.

OT visited No7’s laboratory in Hastings earlier this year, which is where the single vision, toric, multifocal and toric multifocal contact lens option are manufactured. Watch the video below. 

No7 demonstrates how it hand-paints contact lenses