Freedom and confidence associated with contact lenses by patients

New patient research has identified the emotional benefits of wearing contact lenses

CooperVision's Unlock the potential event

Contact lenses give wearers freedom, confidence and a sense of adventure, according to eight out of 10 patients in new CooperVision research that highlights the emotional benefits of vision correction.

The research found that over half of respondents felt a new world had opened to them when they tried contact lenses for the first time.

A total of 65% of contact lens wearers said they would be more likely to recommend their eye care practitioner if contact lenses were recommended alongside spectacles.

As part of the study, researchers spoke to 421 patients with vision correction, which included 221 spectacle wearers and 200 contact lens wearers.

Findings from the consumer research project were presented at the contact lens company’s Unlock the potential event at the Rosewood Hotel in London on 20 June.

Video interviews with patients describing their personal experiences of wearing contact lenses were played to attendees at the event.

Senior marketing manager at CooperVision, Lara Drury, said: “We were delighted to be able to share our most recent consumer insights and premiere a number of inspiring testimonials from real patients who have experienced the benefits for themselves."

The event also included a presentation from clinical scientist, Dr Kathy Dumbleton (pictured), who spoke about silicone hyrdrogel research and how the material can improve a patient’s experience.