Consulting on dry eye

A Bausch & Lomb survey has found that patients are not asking pharmacists about dry eye treatments


A new survey has revealed that just 20% of patients are consulting their pharmacist about treatments for common eye conditions, such as dry eye.

The Bausch & Lomb (B+L) survey found that 98% of patients are failing to recognise symptoms of dry eye, despite 88% of pharmacists believing it to be a distressing condition.

According to the survey, 70% of pharmacists said they would recognise the primary symptoms of the condition, and 57% said they understand how tears are produced as well as what causes dry eye.

B+L’s marketing manager, Valerie Steiner, said: “This survey shows that patients are failing to tap into the expertise and knowledge that pharmacists have in treating eye conditions like dry eye. This is concerning from a patient perspective as it could lead to unnecessary suffering.”

“These uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms can be easily managed with the right advice and treatment, but left untreated that can present a long-term risk to eye health,” she added.

Precision Marketing polled the views of 88 pharmacists in July on behalf of B+L. 

Image credit: Rhoda Baer via Wikimedia Commons