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Brand refresh for KeraSoft contact lenses from UltraVision

31 Mar 2016 by Robina Moss

UltraVision Kerasoft logoUltraVision CLPL is unveiling a new look for its KeraSoft range of contact lenses and is hoping that the new look will refresh the brand and boost recognition worldwide.

The brand update will include changes to the logo (pictured), packaging, websites and point-of-sale materials, with the company’s prime focus on the latest edition to its portfolio, KeraSoft Thin. 

A combination of lathing technology and innovative lens design has resulted in the development of the thinnest soft contact lens on the market that is designed specifically for the irregular cornea, according to the company.

UltraVision CLPL’s clinical and operations manager, Josie Barlow, said: “The benefits of this thinner design are significant to patients as it will increase the oxygen transmission of the lens, particularly on those more vulnerable corneas.”

Ms Barlow added: “It will also improve the wearing comfort and enable those patients who rely heavily on their contact lens correction greater flexibility with their wearing times.”

Explaining the reasons for the new design, she concluded: “We really wanted to bust the myth that you could not fit the irregular cornea with thinner lenses and our practitioners have been asking for a thinner lens design for some time. We feel that in this competitive market, we have hit the mark.”

The new design is available in both the silicone hydrogel and hydrogel materials and continues to be offered in single vial or two pack options. 

UltraVision CLPL highlights that full training and advice are readily available.

For more information, visit the company’s website.


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