Charity highlights its support offering for eye clinic patients

Deafblind UK’s free wellbeing and emotional support service is available to patients who require it

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National charity, Deafblind UK, is highlighting the support that it can offer eye clinic patients who have missed appointments due to the coronavirus pandemic through its wellbeing and emotional support service.

The charity has recently launched a six-week support service to provide patients with an opportunity to “offload and talk through feelings, thoughts and emotions.”

Described by the charity as similar to a counselling service, it aims to offer patients a safe environment to talk to trained advisers.

The charity, which recently received funding from the National Lottery Community Fund, is also currently in the process of producing a range of materials that aim to help practitioners identify patients with dual sensory loss and easily signpost them to the emotional support services offered by the charity.

Spokesperson for Deafblind UK, Simone Moore, explained that “thousands of [eye clinic] appointments have been missed due to COVID-19 restrictions and practitioners’ capacity difficulties,” which will “have a devastating effect on patients, who will be worried and anxious, not knowing when they will be able to see their specialist again.”

Ms Moore highlighted that the charity’s wellbeing and emotional support service can be accessed for free by anyone who requires it. “Our trained and experienced staff can provide emotional support and practical advice,” she said, adding: “We can’t make COVID-19 go away, but we can give you some comfort and support if you’re feeling anxious.”