Fundraising campaign for teenager living with Stargardt disease

The family of William Kent, 16, will put donated funds towards specialist equipment and education so that he can complete his secondary school education


A fundraising campaign has been launched to support the education of a UK teenager living with a degenerative eye condition.

William Kent, 16, has Stargardt macular dystrophy and was registered blind at the age of 12.

His family are raising funds so that he can complete his Scottish Highers over the next two years.

William’s mother, Laura Kent, explained: “Until Easter this year he could access his work through enlarged print, but just before he took his GCSE exams he had another drop in vision.”

Ms Kent said that the change in vision had a massive impact on William’s confidence and his ability to access education.

She is raising funds to enable William to learn braille, use a screen reader and attend Royal Blind School Edinburgh.

“My husband Leslie and I would be hugely appreciative and grateful should anyone out there feel this cause is worthy of their support,” she shared.

“We are now feeling more confident about William's future as we feel we have a direction of how to help William study, learn, develop and grow into an independent young man,” Ms Kent added.

To find more about Will’s life with Stargardt disease, read OT’s My Vision profile article. Donations can be made through the Kent family’s gofundme page.