Refreshing the Vision

The profession and public are being asked for their input into a review of the UK Vision Strategy

28 Jun 2016 by Olivia Wannan, Laurence Derbyshire

The revolutions of the eye health sector – from new optical technologies to changing demographics – have prompted a refresh of the UK Vision Strategy.

The strategy has been in place since 2008, to create a coordinated approach to addressing the UK’s sight care needs. It was last refreshed in 2013.

Retiring Royal National Institute of Blind People chief executive, Lesley-Anne Alexander, spoke at the Vision UK conference (14 June, The Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London) about the importance of the strategy.

For those who would take the reins after she steps down in September, Ms Alexander emphasised: “My first demand is please, please look after the strategy. It was hard won.”

OT’s video production editor, Laurence Derbyshire, captured the call for the public’s input at the Vision UK event.

The 2016 conference featured four topic streams – ageing and sight loss, diabetes and preventing blindness, children and young people and science and technology.

To learn more, visit the UK Vision Strategy website.


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    Its great to be asked but worse to be ignored. The more recent Darzi review (GOS) and Call to Action were totally ignored as were submissions to the House of Commons Select Health Committee. The hiving off of GOS to a company with an atrocious track record of competence shows the not-so-thinly veiled contempt for optometry and primary eyecare in resolving capacity issues that exists at many levels within the DH. Good luck.

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