Drew Thompson MCOptom, FBCLA

Corneal cases

This CPD exam presents clinical video footage to illustrate a range of corneal complications. Readers are invited to review the cases and use additional resources where necessary to answer the questions.

Soft and RGP contact lens fitting pearls

This back-to-basics video guides you through RGP and soft contact lens fitting, with videos comparing good and poor fittings. Drew Thompson explains his patient selection, pre-fitting measurements and how a topographer can help. He suggests a standardised method of recording the fit. After the video, participants will answer 6 MCQs before being directed to a discussion about the topic on LinkedIn.


Keratoconus lens fitting: what do I do now?

Fitting keratoconic eyes is a difficult and sometimes traumatic process for both the practitioner and patient, but what happens when things aren’t going to plan? In a lot of cases, these patients can end up on a corneal surgeon’s transplant list but have all the alternatives been explored? This video will highlight fitting strategies for corneal ectasia and other irregularities to improve both the patient comfort and the practitioner success rate.