New Year, same old mistakes

Future planning: Has your practice set itself goals for 2020?

2020 building blocks

If you have already succumbed to the lures of the staff room biscuit tin or accidentally (on purpose) forgotten to go the gym, then don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’ve noticed a trend since the start of the new decade towards not caring about societal pressures to radically change your lifestyle post-Christmas. Quite right, I suppose. There’s something in not adding more stress following a month of present buying, getting into the festive spirit and ushering in 2020.

For some, goal-setting is a must and important in order to buck bad habits. If you are still pursuing your resolution, good luck.

As individuals we set ourselves targets and businesses are no different. 2020 is already being called a landmark year for optometry and plans for growth, schemes and initiatives are already underway.

In OT news this week, Fight for Sight announced plans to conduct a research study this year into the economic and personal impact of sight loss.

The charity has called on the Government to increase funding for eye research in a letter signed by 12 ophthalmologists and published in The Guardian.

Future planning is also on the agenda at 100% Optical 2020 when the show returns to ExCeL London on 25–27 January.

The event organiser has announced a series of speakers and debates that will take place on the catwalk, with a focus on how practices will change as technology advances and how independents can become the heart of the High Street.

Image credit: Getty/marchmeena29