Mastering workplace communication

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Where: National Resource Centre, Floor 4+5, Aqueous II, Aston Cross Business Village, Rocky Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 5RQ

Interactive CET points approved : 15

This workshop will help delegates to understand the essential elements of effective communication in the workplace. Delegates will discuss common scenarios, understand how communication styles differ, and how communication can impact on team dynamics.

Please note that if you have already attended this course in 2019 you will not be eligible for the CET points.

8:30AM - 9:00AM

Registration Registration

9:00AM - 10:15AM

Choosing the right medium to communicate Workshop | 3 CET points

10:15AM - 10:30AM

Refreshment break Session Breaks

10:30AM - 11:15AM

Communication theory and technique Workshop | 3 CET points

11:15AM - 12:00PM

Communication skills and teamwork Workshop | 3 CET points

12:00PM - 12:45PM

Lunch Session Breaks

12:45PM - 2:00PM

Communication: practical skills Workshop | 3 CET points

2:00PM - 2:15PM

Refreshment break Session Breaks

2:15PM - 3:30PM

Dealing with 'difficult' people Workshop | 3 CET points

C-62131: Choosing the right medium to communicate

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Learning objectives:

  • To be better able to analyse your own and other people’s approach to communication in order to manage patient expectations in vision, eye health prognosis and eye wear outcomes
  • To be better able to communicate with all types of patients at all stages in their lives in order to manage patient expectations in vision, eye health prognosis and eye wear outcomes

C-62133: Communication theory and technique

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Learning objectives:

  • To better understand the complexities of workplace and patient communication in order to better apply effective communication for better patient care delivery and outcomes
  • To apply best practice communication techniques to practical patient situations (especially in delivering bad news or unexpected information) by experimenting with different techniques in small groups by role play and discussion, critique and feedback

C-62134: Communication skills and teamwork

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Learning objectives:

  • To discuss how to use communication skills and techniques to improve teamwork scenarios (including shared care, clinical pre-screening done by other staff members, giving feedback and motivation) and to enhance personal impact in the practice for peer, colleague and patient benefit for better clinical outcomes

C-62135: Communication: Practical skills

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Learning outcomes:

  • To identify and practice key skills including listening, questioning, clarifying, summarising, understanding and assertiveness for better patient communication and understanding
  • To identify and practice key skills including non-verbal communication and role-play real-life scenarios to practise assertiveness skills such as saying “no”

C-62132: Dealing with "difficult" people


Learning outcomes:

  • Be able to adapt communcation style which is appropriate to the needs of the individual present

Trevor BibicTrevor Bibic

Trevor has been working in personal and professional development training for over five years, delivering a wide range of workshops, webinars and one-to-one coaching. He has held various management and leadership positions throughout his career. In addition, he has been involved in recruiting for over 20 years. This gives him an excellent understanding of dynamic working environments and challenges.

Trevor spent several years training as a careers consultant with the University of London and was one of a select group used to deliver professional training in careers and skills, subsequently becoming a freelancer in this field.

Trevor has worked with clients such as Health Education England, the British Medical Association, Association of Optometrists and a number of high profile HE institutions such as Kings College, UCL and LSHTM. Trevor regularly designs and delivers programmes bespoke to clients and is highly sought after for repeat delivery.

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