Wellbeing of optometrists in the UK

Introduction to our survey into the health and wellbeing of UK optometrists

Group of optometrists

Background and objectives

As part of our mission to provide support to members, we wanted to better understand the sources of work-related stress and the scale and nature of the issue on the optical profession, so in 2016 we commissioned a research project to:

  • Investigate the effects of work-related pressures on the health and wellbeing of optometrists in the UK
  • Identify how the AOP could better support its members in this area


Members can access: 


The research was carried out by Aston University Ophthalmic Research Group on behalf of the Association of Optometrists (AOP).

It consisted of two parts: firstly, the researchers conducted in depth interviews with several optometrists working in a variety of sectors. From the feedback they received on the work place pressures, the team then prepared a questionnaire that was emailed to all eligible AOP members.


1743 members completed the survey: 73% (1280) were employees; 25% (436) were employers; and 2% were not currently working. This excellent response rate provides us with a solid basis for our findings and subsequent actions.

We would like to thank everyone who participated.