Amsler chart

Use an Amsler chart to monitor your central vision

Blue eyes

You can use an Amsler chart to check for signs of inflammation or fluid leakage in the central area of the retina. It works by making any distortion in your central vision more obvious. If you have been advised to monitor your vision for signs of distortion, you should test yourself with this chart regularly.

Instructions on using the chart

  1. Wear your reading glasses
  2. Hold the chart about 15 inches away from your eye
  3. Close one eye and look at the central dot
  4. Note any wavy lines, distortion or fuzziness
  5. Repeat with the other eye

You should tell your optometrist as soon as possible if you notice any of the following:

  • A blurred or grey patch in your vision
  • Straight lines appearing distorted
  • Objects appearing smaller than normal

Amsler Chart 

Resources for your practice

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