Recognising sustainable excellence

Simon Berry has been named the recipient of the AOP Sustainable Excellence Award 2023

Simon Berry

What our Chair, Dr Julie-Anne Little, said about Simon Berry

At the AOP we recognise that all aspects of the industry must do their part to take vital action on environmental sustainability, to take critical steps to cut emissions and reduce waste. The outstanding contribution of an optical team in driving and achieving sustainability goals the Sustainable Excellence Award acknowledges initiatives that are having a real impact in meeting net-zero targets and demonstrate sustainable best practice.

Our recipient has championed sustainability in his practice for many years, continuously making changes, big and small, to ensure overall sustainable achievements.

In 2016, he developed an Ethical Supply Questionnaire to ensure that he could trace back the products that he stocks within his Durham practice.

Today, Simon is involved in a research project with Durham University that is attempting to develop an algorithm that would estimate the carbon footprint of any frame taken off the rack.

And there has been much in between: using a green company for energy, changing windows in the practice so they are more energy efficient, using TerraCycle to recycle frames, and becoming certified as carbon neutral.

On receiving the award, Simon Berry said:

It was a complete surprise. The award means that people care about the issues and recognise it. It is a lovely award to be recognised for.