Newly-qualified optometrist

Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad has been awarded Newly-qualified Optometrist of the Year

AOP awards 2015, Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad has been awarded Newly-qualified Optometrist of the Year

After graduating from the University of Manchester, Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad joined Jane Smellie Opticians. Keen to keep his clinical knowledge up-to-date, he is currently undertaking further study in glaucoma, low vision and school vision.

As a newly-qualified optometrist, getting to meet lots of different people is one element which Neema Ghorbani Mojarrad enjoys most about his role, combined with the challenge of trying to educate patients about their eyes and prescriptions. “It can be extremely rewarding when you make a difference for someone, or when they really appreciate your help,” he explained

Working over three different counties in England and Wales, the optometrist has become involved with the North Wales regional committee and the Cheshire local optical committee at the local level. He has also joined a number of shared care pathways such as low vision, glaucoma referral refinement, ocular hypertension monitoring and post-cataract examinations, as well as the primary eye care assessment and referral service (PEARS) and the eye health examination Wales (EHEW) pathways.

Often going above and beyond the call of duty for patients, Mr Mojarrad shared an example of when a member of the Welsh National Pistol Shooting team, who has competed in the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, attended practice for a sight test. He explained: “After conducting a sight test, the patient told me he wanted to correct the sight of his shooting glasses as it wasn’t as good as needed.
I conducted a variety of additional tests and the patient brought in his pistols so I could refract him with his gun. Having not known much about this sport, I went shooting myself to gain an idea of what the visual demands were, and researched what lens forms and coatings would be optimal.” 

Offering tips to fellow newly-qualified optometrists, Mr Mojarrad advises: “Take a genuine interest in your patients. It’s amazing to think of the variety of people from all walks of life you meet. I’ve learned a lot from them.”

“Remember that your education doesn’t stop at qualification. If there’s something you find quite interesting, there are ways to further your understanding and to work more closely with it,” he added.

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