Marketing Campaign of the Year

BBR Optometry, Zeiss Office Lenses promotion have been awarded with Marketing Campaign of the Year

AOP awards 2015, BBR Optometry, Zeiss Office Lenses promotion have been awarded with Marketing Campaign of the Year

BBR Optometry believes a marketing campaign should to be relevant to the business to be effective. It has used the success of its Zeiss Office Lenses promotion as a starting point for conversations with other suppliers to collaborate on similar promotions

Based in Hereford, BBR Optometry is an award-winning independent practice owned by optometrist Nicholas Rumney.  

The practice uses campaigns, like its Zeiss Office Lenses promotion initiative for which it wins this award, to increase engagement and raise awareness of products with its patients. 

Run in early 2014, BBR Optometry’s Zeiss Office Lenses promotion saw patients offered 50% off Zeiss Office Lenses. The campaign began with an email to a targeted section of the practice’s patient database which included details of the promotion, as well as information about the benefits of occupational lenses. 

For BBR Optometry, not only did the campaign have an impact on the sales of occupational lenses while it was running, but it has also had an on-going positive effect through a change in the culture at BBR, its practice manager, Daniel Read, revealed. 

“The professional team now raises awareness of the availability of occupational lenses with all patients that they feel may benefit from using them,” Mr Read said. “And, using the success of this campaign as a starting point, we now have conversations with other suppliers about what they can do to work with us to create effective targeted promotions in the future,” he added. 

In addition to boosting sales, campaigns like this have helped the practice raise awareness of the importance of eye health in the local community, as Mr Read explained. “We regularly run informative items on our news page, Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as including relevant details in emails to our patients database.”

Complementing this, the practice engages with local media whenever possible to ensure that the local community understands the benefits of eye health. 

Offering other practices tips on how to run a successful campaign, Mr Read commented: “We believe it is imperative to have a campaign that is relevant to the business. For us, this campaign helped develop an awareness for a different product that effectively created a new market. Because of the power of the promotion and the training that we received from Zeiss in advance, we have been able to continue to gain benefits from the promotion long after it has run its course.”

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