Your views on NHS sight test times and costs

Volunteers needed to take part in new OFNC research

The Optometric Fee Negotiating Committee (OFNC) and NHS England have agreed to work together to obtain better data on the underlying cost drivers of a sight test, to inform future negotiations.

In the next few weeks, the OFNC will run an England-wide survey to gather statistics on average sight test times, and membership bodies will invite practices to participate in a second, smaller survey, on the cost of providing an NHS sight test.

Average sight test times survey

The first OFNC survey, opening later this month, will ask practices to provide average NHS sight test times. This survey will be open to all practices in England.

We will send members a link to this survey soon.

The cost of providing an NHS sight test

For the second OFNC survey, membership bodies are inviting their members to estimate the cost to their practice of providing an NHS sight test.

We’re is looking for volunteers to take part in this research, which should not be unduly time-consuming.

If you are interested in taking part in this important research, please email [email protected], by Friday 19 August.