New survey tool outlines how to enhance accessibility

The technology raises awareness among employers, teachers, family and friends of how they can best support those with sight loss

Five smiley faces drawn onto a white piece of paper. Starting with a very sad face, sad, impartial, happy and very happy.

A new survey tool quizzes those with sight loss about adaptations that could support them – with the user free to send the responses on to employers, teachers, family and friends.

Be My Best Self, developed by Dolphin Computer Access, was launched during Mental Health Awareness week (15-21 May).

Questions answered as part of the online tool include communication and technology preferences, transport and training considerations and other adjustments that could help the survey respondent to thrive.

Once the questionnaire is completed, the tool emails a summary of the responses to the user, who can then share them with people in a position to provide support.

Dolphin Computer Access chairman, Noel Duffy, highlighted that people with vision loss are up to four times more likely to experience mental health issues.

“We’ve already seen these simple questions make a big difference to the lives of people with a visual impairment and want to make sure that more people benefit from the support that’s out there,” he said.