Aston University partners with Cathedral Eye Clinic to apply AI to dry eye

Researchers will explore how artificial intelligence can aid the diagnosis and management of dry eye disease

digital eye
Pixabay/Pete Linforth

Aston University has entered a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with the Belfast-based Cathedral Eye Clinic to explore the application of artificial intelligence to the management and diagnosis of dry eye disease.

The KTP, which will run until June 2023, aims to develop a digital decision support system for dry eye.

Professor Jonathan Moore, from the Cathedral Eye Clinic, highlighted that the project has the potential to make the identification of patients with dry eye more effective.

“This will impact many patients and clinicians around the world and the findings could even be translated into other areas of detecting ocular pathology,” he said.

Senior optometry lecturer at Aston University, Professor Mark Dunne, shared that the initiative will involve exploring how AI can be incorporated into clinical practice and patient care.

“The associate on this project will apply machine learning to the creation of a clinical decision support system that uses real evidence from a working clinic to deliver the best possible care to its patients,” he said.

It is expected that the KTP will create several new employment opportunities at the Cathedral Eye Clinic by 2025.