Researchers investigate use of smartphone soundwaves to measure IOP

University of Birmingham scientists have highlighted the potential of smartphones to accurately measure intraocular pressure

smartphone and stethoscope

UK researchers have investigated how smartphone soundwaves could be used to measure intraocular pressure (IOP).

In research published in Engineering Reports, University of Birmingham scientists trialled the use of smartphone technology as a way of detecting early warning signs that a patient may be at risk of glaucoma.

The researchers conducted experiments using sound waves and an eye model to demonstrate a relationship between the internal pressure of an object and its acoustic reflection coefficient.

Co-author Dr Khamis Essa, who is the director of the advanced manufacturing group at the University of Birmingham, noted: “With further investigation into eye geometry and how this affects the interaction with soundwaves, it may be possible to use a smartphone to accurately measure IOP from the comfort of the user’s home.”