Huawei develops AI tool for flagging vision problems in children

Data gathered using gaze-tracking software is analysed using an artificial intelligence algorithm to identify potential cases of visual impairment

Young boy

Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei, is working with IIS Aragon and Devices for Integral Visual Examination (DIVE) Medical to develop artificial intelligence (AI) technology for flagging visual problems in children.

The company reports that the Track AI initiative creates an easy-to-use, portable and affordable device to identify vision issues in children as young as six months old.
Different aspects of visual function are tested through DIVE software that runs on the Huawei Matebook E.

The technology tracks a child’s gaze patterns with the data then processed on a Huawei P30 smartphone using an algorithm to identify potential indicators of visual impairment.

Huawei technology expert, Peter Gauden, said that Track AI was part of the company’s broader commitment to use AI “for good.”

“Our goal is for this project to make it possible for parents and doctors in all corners of the world to detect visual impairments in a faster, easier, more efficient way through AI technology,” Mr Gauden said.

Image credit: Pixabay