Are these spectacles the solution to travel sickness?

Those planning a summer vacation featuring windy roads or rough ferry crossings may be tempted by Citroen’s anti-motion sickness glasses


If your method for avoiding motion sickness over the summer holidays is to pick a point on the horizon and hope for the best, Citroen may have a more tangible method of easing travel-induced queasiness.

The French automobile manufacturer’s first foray into eyewear is a pair of soft-touch plastic glasses that the company claims will alleviate the symptoms of travel sickness in 10 to 12 minutes.

The technology behind the Seetroen spectacles was developed by a start up company based in the South of France called Boarding Ring, while the glasses were designed by the Paris-based collective design studio, 5.5.

Patented ring technology that surrounds the eyes and the side of the head contains a coloured liquid that simulates the horizon.

A press release from Citroen highlighted that the spectacles can be worn by adults and children aged 10 and older.

This age limitation is in place because this is when the inner ear has finished growing.

The glasses should be put on as soon as the first symptoms of motion sickness appear and ease queasiness over 10 to 12 minutes while the wearer focuses on a near object such as a book or tablet.

Citroen noted that the spectacles can then be removed for the remainder of the journey.

The glasses are available in the UK through the Citroen Lifestyle Boutique