Desktop solution for dry eye

A small study has found that using a USB-powered desktop humidifier can improve tear film stability and comfort during computer use


A study published in Optometry and Vision Science has analysed the effectiveness of using a USB-powered desktop humidifier in easing the symptoms of dry eye.

A group of 44 computer users were recruited for the trial and asked to engage in continuous computer use for one hour in the same air-conditioned room on two separate visits.

On one visit, participants switched on a USB-powered desktop humidifier while in the second visit, the device was left off.

The researchers found that the humidifier boosted the humidity of the desktop environment by around 5%.

No significant changes in lipid layer grade or tear meniscus height were observed over the one hour period in either environment.

However, after exposure to the humidifier, non-invasive tear film break-up time improved. A significant reduction in break-up measurements was observed without the humidifier.

More survey participants also reported a higher level of comfort following use of the desktop humidifier.