New to OCT

Blackheath Eyecare & Eyediology Opticians owner, Ravi Sohal, gives his impressions as a first-time attendee at the National OCT Conference


What were the key things you learned at the event?

As a beginner, everything was very interesting, so I learnt a lot. In particular, I found it interesting that the OCT could also be used to help fit scleral contact lenses. 

What is your background in optometry and experience with optical coherence tomography (OCT)?

I received my optometry degree from Cardiff University and became fully qualified in 2002. I began my career working mainly in general practice and, for a brief period, within the hospital eye services.

In 2003, I started working part time in my hometown of Blackheath, London. The practice was run by an ophthalmologist, and I took over the clinical management when he retired in 2007. I also split my time with our other practice in Spitalfields. I am looking forward to applying my theoretical knowledge of using OCT in practice.

Why did you sign up for the conference?

I wanted to improve my general clinical knowledge on OCT usage and gain a greater understanding of how best to incorporate this investment in the practice.

Have you invested in OCT for your practice, and why?

Yes, I have now ordered an OCT, which is due to be delivered this Christmas. We have always been a clinically oriented practice and have run numerous enhanced service schemes for a number of years.

Investing in an OCT will chiefly help expand my own clinical skills, and in turn, will enable us to offer our patients a better way of monitoring and manage their eye health.

What did you learn from your fellow attendees?

It was useful to discuss experiences with fellow colleagues who had already incorporated OCT into their practices. This definitely gave me an insight into and, to some extent, reassurance about making the decision.

What are your hopes for OCT in your practice?

To improve the quality of the eye examinations. I am hoping that the use of such technology will help communicate the benefit of regular examinations and continuity of care.

I hope this will in turn help improve patient loyalty and further enhance the clinical reputation of the practice.

The National OCT Conference (20–21 November, Hilton Birmingham Metropole) is an annual event hosted by Topcon.