Deafblind UK to attend world conference in Canada

The charity will present research and share initiatives at the Deafblind International 18th World Conference in Ottowa, Canada

An audience is viewed side on sitting in white seats in a lecture hall. An older man in the foreground rests his hand on his chin in concentration.

Representatives from Deafblind UK will attend the Deafblind International 18th World Conference in Ottowa, Canada from 22–28 July.

The conference, titled Global Connections: The Future in our Hands, brings together international researchers to share understanding about deafblindness from around the world.

Liz Duncan, of Deafblind UK, will join Dr Peter Simcock, a Birmingham City University lead social work lecturer, to present a lecture about the development of two courses in Deafblind Studies.

Duncan highlighted that workforce development is crucial for getting the right support for people living with deafblindness.

Simcock will also present another joint project, between Deafblind UK and Birmingham City University, exploring how higher and more complex needs are conceptualised by local authorities, as well as outlining who is considered qualified to assess this.

At the conference, Deafblind UK will host the Acquired Deafblindness Network Day.

Members of the international network will come together to discuss topical issues and how to build the network following its relaunch two years ago.

Chief executive of Deafblind UK, Nikki Morris, shared that research is a significant part of Deafblind UK’s long-term strategy.

“We are extremely proud to be part of this leading industry event and for the opportunity to discuss our research work internationally,” she said.