Scientists create 3D printed contact lens to alleviate colour blindness

Researchers hope that the proof-of-concept contact lens could act as an ocular aid to those with colour vision deficiency

SP contact lens
Pixabay/Martin Slavoljubovski
Scientists from Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates have developed a prototype of contact lenses that could be used as an ocular aid by those with colour blindness and colour vision deficiency (CVD).

Writing in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, the researchers describe the fabrication of a 3D-printed coloured contact lens for colour blindness management.

The contact lens works by blocking “problematic wavelengths of light” to enhance colour distinction.

The authors highlight that the proof-of-concept contact lens blocks 50% of light in the target wavelength.

To test the potential of the contact lens as a wearable optical aid for those with CVD, the scientists compare the optical performance of the contact lens with commercial products.

“The material properties, water content, and contact angle of the 3D-printed contact lenses were comparable to those of commercial contact lenses,” the authors shared.

They highlighted that the successful deployment of the contact lenses would ensure that patients with CVD have access to a low-cost, customisable, and effective wearable solution.