Patient develops drooping eyelid following sinus infection

A man in his mid-20s who developed sinusitis after contracting COVID-19 presented to the emergency department with a left-side ptosis

SP eyelid
BMJ Case Reports authors have described their treatment of a man in his 20s who presented to a Liverpool emergency department with a left-sided ptosis following a COVID-19 infection.

Three days before presenting to Southport and Formby District General Hospital, the patient noticed that his left eye remained closed after waking up and he noticed a pungent odour. He had recently recovered from COVID-19.

Towards the evening he developed a bilateral headache which subsequently became worse each day until he attended the emergency department.

A CT scan of the patient’s head revealed opacification of the maxillary sinus and frontal sinus.

The patient was discharged with a five-day course of antibiotics. After three days, his left-sided ptosis had resolved and his sense of smell had returned to normal.

The clinicians highlighted: “This report will raise awareness regarding a potential complication of acute sinusitis to abet clinicians’ differentials when facing isolated, unilateral ptosis, particularly within the context of COVID-19 infection or another viral illness.”

The patient said he had never experienced sinus issues in the past.

“This was all quite a shock. I’m relieved that my symptoms completely resolved, and I’ve been feeling healthy and myself since I recovered,” he said.