26-year-old patient dislocates LASIK flap while adjusting face mask

Clinicians have encouraged laser eye surgery patients to tape the upper mask edge to the nasal bridge to avoid corneal trauma

young person with face mask

BMJ Case Reports authors have encouraged patients undergoing laser eye surgery to tape face masks to the nasal bridge during post-operative recovery.

Their guidance follows the case of a 26-year-old patient who dislocated his LASIK flap in his right eye four hours after surgery while repositioning his N95 face mask.

A slit lamp examination revealed a superiorly displaced flap, with several full-thickness folds.

After the flap was repositioned, a bandage contact lens was placed over the cornea and the patient received topical antibiotics, steroids and lubricants.

The bandage contact lens was removed after two weeks, by which time the patient’s uncorrected distance visual acuity was 6/6 in the affected eye.

“The patient was advised to tape the upper edge of his mask to the nasal bridge to prevent repeated trauma,” the clinicians highlighted.

Sharing his experience in the case report, the patient said he was “distraught” to suffer this face-mask related complication.

“It was a big relief to regain my vision after undergoing the procedure to realign my flap,” he emphasised.