Optometry in science

Optometry in science: February round-up

The latest instalment in OT ’s video series provides a quick look at some of the latest papers in optometry science

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OT has launched the second instalment in its Optometry in science video series, highlighting four recent papers in optometry research.

The video series was launched to help unpack some of the latest science relating to optometry from around the world. The bitesize format outlines the aims of the studies, methodology, key findings, and conclusions.

This month’s Optometry in science covers papers evaluating a COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service in England, reticular pseudodrusen and the relationship with age-related macular degeneration, the impact of the pandemic on missed ophthalmology clinic visits, and a comparison of primary trabeculectomy with primary glaucoma eye drops for newly diagnosed advanced glaucoma.

The papers in this episode were curated by City, University of London PhD student, Bethany Higgins, who recently shared insight on her own research into tests to assess everyday visual function.