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Myopia guide

The essentials

Eye care professionals share their go-to tools and their hopes for the future of myopia management

woman carrying a box

What forms the cornerstone of a practice’s myopia management offering?

OT asked eye care practitioners for the myopia management tools that they treasure in practice – as well as their wish list for future developments in the field.

My go-to kit

What forms the cornerstone of a practice’s myopia management offering?

Equipment complements the eye care professional’s (ECP’s) skills and knowledge. OT asked ECPs for the myopia management tools that they treasure in practice.

John Bolger

In running a myopia control clinic, we have found corneal mapping a very useful tool. It is especially useful for children who are corrected by orthokeratology (ortho-k). The anterior segment module of our OCT allows mapping of epithelial thickness so that it is possible to confirm that the ortho-k is well centred. Our Sirius from CSO permits us to monitor tear film as well as pupil size.

Luke Allen

For me, the most important part of providing myopia management is being able to effectively communicate to parents the need, the expectations and predicted outcomes. For some parents who are not myopic or only mildly myopic, a demonstration of the effects of myopia can be helpful.

I find CooperVision’s myopia simulator an easy to access and effective tool for demonstrating worsening myopia, and the positive outcomes of managing myopia. This also puts them in the right place to access more information on myopia management should they wish to read about it.

Dr Kate Gifford includes numerous free tools, including our free-to-download Managing Myopia Guidelines Infographics and parent brochures – and our parent educational website – to support your communication in practice. In addition to these clinical resources, is an extremely useful tool for ECPs as it also provides answers to clinical questions based on the available evidence, and presents case studies and latest science.

Further reading on myopia management, including the topics discussed above, can be found on the OT website.